We deal with the protection of technological innovations related to the digital world and provide extrajudicial and judicial consultancy in the areas of telecommunications, IT, websites, e-commerce and unfair commercial practices, social networks, online counterfeiting, gaming and e-sports, blockchain, AI. We also provide assistance in software licensing and software development contracts and in the matter of liability of internet service providers and internet and mobile content providers.

We have grown an extensive experience in handling domain name transfer proceedings in Italy and abroad.

Our firm also supports the client in the evaluation of intellectual property issues involved in web 3.0 projects and activities, with particular regard to the use of NTFs and the exploitation of the client’s products and services in the metaverse.

This helps clients to properly plan the most appropriate filing and protection strategies for their intangible assets, taking into account the most recent directions of the relevant offices in the different jurisdictions, and to verify the ownership of any third party rights or authorizations, where necessary, in order to legitimately implement their web 3.0 based projects.

Thanks to the expertise acquired in this field and the cooperation with technicians and computer scientists, we also assist our clients in protecting their intellectual property rights in virtual environments, whether traditional or immersive, in both Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.