MICHEL  JOLICOEUR, of counsel m.jolicoeur@bmlex.it

Qualifications: Canadian Barrister & Solicitor (Law Society of Upper Canada) since 1995. 
Practice areas: IP-related contracts, due diligence and technology transfer; dispute resolution relating to trademarks, copyright and designs, domain names and unfair competition.

Education: University of Ottawa, Bachelor of Economics, 1986, Bachelor of Common and Civil Laws, 1992; Diplomatic School of Spain, Master in International Studies, 1987. 

Memberships: International Trademark Association (INTA), Licensing Executives Society (LES), Association internationale pour la protection de la propriété intellectuelle (AIPPI). 

Languages: English, French, and Spanish (fluently); Japanese and Russian.

2004-2006: Lecturer at seminars organized by the patent and trademark attorneys firm Racheli S.r.l. for IP firms and in-house IP departments located in Washington, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.

2004-2007: Secretary of LES Italy.

2005-2006: Speaker at conferences organized by the Racheli IP firm on IP law for several Italian business associations, namely the Business Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pavia, Legnano and Milan.

2006: Speaker at a conference organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Italy, in cooperation with Licensing Executives Society on the “Implementation of the new EU Enforcement Directive Italy and other EU Member States”.

2006: Organiser and speaker at workshops at LES Pan-European Conference (Glasgow, June 2006) and Annual LES International Conference (New York, September 2006) on the subject of “Online Piracy of Copyrighted Digital Works”.

2008-2010: English-speaking lecturer at courses of continuing education on International IP Law and Practice organized by Just Legal Services, Milan, Italy

Co-author of the numerous articles published in the magazine Managing Intellectual Property, among others “The Secrets of Trademark Licensing”, “The Advent of the Trademark Opposition” and “Changing Rules to Benefit IP Owners”.